Planning Glossary


The following is a listing of Transportation & Land Use related terminology and phraseology developed by CCRPC. View a list of Acronyms only

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Term Acronym Definition
Jake Brake   Engine-induced braking system on trucks, often associated with noise issues in local neighborhoods.
Job Access/Reverse Commute JARC Transit improvement plan designed to meet the work-related transportation needs of low-income residents.
Joint Use   Parking lots that allow for commuter parking, which is normally utilised for a different purpose, such as; Shopping centers, Government, or Recreation.
Journey-To-Work Data JTW Worker/Commuter home-based work trip sample data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau within the long form since 1960.
Just-In-Time-Delivery JIT A method of inventory control where products are delivered to stores or assembly lines only when needed to minimize the high cost of maintaining local inventory and warehousing. The effects on freight demand are to; increase the number of individual shipments, decrease their length of haul and costs, and increase the reliability of on-time delivery.

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