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Notice of Public Hearing

A Public Hearing will be held to review and hear comments on a proposed major amendment to the CCRPC FY15-18 TIP.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 6:00pm - 110 West Canal St., Ste. 202, Winooski

Public Hearing Notice

Board Adopts FY2015-2018 TIPOn July 16, 2014 the CCRPC Board approved the FY2015-FY2018 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The TIP lists all projects expected to spend federal funds on design, right-of-way acquisition or construction in federal fiscal years 2015 through 2018 (October 1, 2014 – September 30, 2018). During the next four years, more than $235 million in federal dollars are slated for transportation projects throughout Chittenden County. The TIP classifies projects by project type. Preservation projects consist of road and bridge projects that preserve the existing transportation system without adding capacity. The TIP includes $57 million for projects in this category. Projects include: upgrades to US7 in Charlotte; paving of US2 in Bolton, Richmond, South Burlington and Williston; improvements at the intersection of VT2A and US7 in Colchester and reconstruction of two bridges in Huntington. Capacity expansion projects increase the capacity of the transportation system in critical locations. The TIP contains $58 million in this category and includes five projects developed through the CIRC Alternatives planning process. Major projects in this category include completion of Champlain Parkway in Burlington and upgrades to Exit 16 in Colchester. The TIP also includes funding for alternative modes of transportation including over $4 million for bicycle/pedestrian projects and over $42 million for transit capital and services. Bike/pedestrian projects include 12 sidewalk and path projects in communities throughout the county such as Champlain Elementary Pedestrian Crossing improvements in Burlington and VT15/Underhill Flats Sidewalk in Underhill.

The majority of the projects listed in the TIP are currently in the design phase.

There are also a number of important transportation projects that are currently under construction in Chittenden County. Construction projects include the following:

  • Burlington Waterfront Bike Path Improvements | Burlington is beginning the first phase of a multi-year project to upgrade the Burlington Bike Path. The first phase of the project will focus on the area near the Moran Plant.
  • Hinesburg Village VT116 Corridor Improvements, Hinesburg | Hinesburg has begun construction on a new sidewalk connection on the west side of VT116 between Charlotte Road and the Hinesburg Community School.
  • I-89 Bridge Replacement, Milton | VTrans has an ongoing project to replace the I-89 Bridge over the Lamoille River in Milton. Work on this bridge is expected to be completed in June of 2016.
  • I-89 Resurfacing, Richmond-Colchester | VTrans began repaving this important section of I-89 in the spring. Paving will be completed this year.
  • VT15 Footbridge, Jericho | VTrans has begun replacement of a damaged and closed pedestrian bridge over the Browns River in Jericho, adjacent to VT15. The new pedestrian bridge will be completed by mid-October.
  • Richmond Park-and-Ride, Richmond | VTrans has completed a major upgrade to the Richmond Park-and-Ride lot and has installed a new traffic signal at the intersection of the I-89 Southbound Off Ramp with  US2 and the Park-and-Ride entrance.
  • US2/Exit 14 Improvements (Staples Lane), South Burlington | Construction has begun on a third eastbound travel lane in front of Staples Plaza. This project continues the lane that current ends at the Staples Plaza entrance driveway. This project will be completed this year.

>>> Check out the ECOS Map Viewer to view these projects at varying scales.

What is the TIP?

The TIP is a prioritized, fiscally-constrained, and multi-year list of federally-funded, multimodal transportation projects and operations in the CCRPC region – Chittenden County. Under federal law, the TIP must cover at least a 4-year program of projects and be updated no less frequently than every 2 years.

In addition, projects in the TIP must be prioritized at the regional level and have clearly identified funding sources. All transportation projects, programs, and operations receiving federal funds in Chittenden County must be authorized through the CCRPC TIP process. The exception are federal airport funds for Burlington International Airport, which are not subject to CCRPC’s prioritization process, but are listed in the TIP for information and coordination purposes.

What does the TIP do?

The TIP authorizes the implementing agency (e.g., Vermont Agency of Transportation, CCTA) to obligate federal funds for listed projects and operations over the next four federal fiscal years.

The first year of a duly-adopted and approved TIP constitutes an “agreed to” list of projects for implementation, provided that anticipated federal funds available to the region are available during that year.

The U.S. Department of Transportation must find that the TIP is based on a continuing, comprehensive transportation planning process carried out cooperatively by the State, CCRPC, and transit operators. An open public involvement process is a key element of the TIP development process.

How to make changes to the TIP?

CCRPC may revise the TIP at any time under procedures agreed to by the cooperating parties and consistent with procedures established for development of the TIP (23 CFR 450.324). CCRPC’s current TIP amendment policy was adopted by CCRPC Board on September 15, 2010.

>> Click here to view the TIP Amendment Policy.

FY 2015 – 2018 TIP

In effect beginning 10/1/14

You can download the FY2015-2018 TIP here.

Historical TIP Information:

Annual Listing of Projects Funded with Federal Funds in Chittenden County:

Each year CCRPC adopts a Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) which is the region’s transportation spending plan for the next four years. Projects listed on the TIP may be amended throughout the year according to the CCRPC amendment procedures, if funding is available. When projects are ready for implementation funds are set aside for that project. This process is known as obligating funds. If funds are not obligated by the end of the program year, they must be added to the TIP in future years, and be accommodated within the future year constraint limit. Funding does not move ahead with the project, unless the project is funded with grant or earmark funds.

The attached tables provide the following information:

  • The funding level for each project that was contained in the TIP as it was adopted.
  • The year end funding level for each project after all amendments that occurred throughout
  • The obligation amount for each project.

Federal Funds Obligated in Chittenden County (Fiscal Years 1999-2013)

For further information, contact Christine Forde, Senior Transportation Planner, at 802.864-4490 x13.

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