US 2


The Route 2 Corridor Transportation Management Plan:

Burlington, South Burlington, & Williston

The main goal of the Route 2 Corridor Transportation Management Plan (Plan) was to craft a unified vision for the future of US Route 2—from South Willard Street in Burlington, through South Burlington, to North Williston Road in Williston—and develop strategies to address short, medium and long-term transportation needs along the corridor as well as assess the impact of land use patterns in the study area.

The Plan recommends a comprehensive and multimodal approach to satisfy the future Vision and Goals of the corridor. It offers coordinated highway, transit, bicycle, pedestrian, land use and streetscape strategies to improve the operation and enhance safety and aesthetics of the corridor in the study area.

The project was funded by Chittenden County Metropolitan Planning Organization (CCMPO) and directed by a steering committee consisting of professional staff from Burlington, South Burlington and Williston, the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), Chittenden County Transportation Authority (CCTA), Burlington International Airport (BIA), and Campus Area Transportation Management Association (CATMA). A larger stakeholder group consisting of elected and appointed officials from the municipalities, CCMPO, VTrans, CCTA, and CATMA provided overall policy guidance and review of major products and recommendations.

The general public also had several opportunities (through numerous public workshops and meetings) to provide their input and help shape the Vision, Goals, and Strategies for the corridor.

Project Steering Committee

Dan Bradley, Burlington
Aaron Frank, CCTA
Juli Beth Hinds, South Burlington
Rick McGuire, Williston
Amy Bell, VTrans
Bob Penniman, CATMA
Bob McEwing, Burlington Int’l Airport
Susan Smichenko, CCMPO

Project Stakeholders Group

Andy Montroll, Burlington
George Gerecke, Williston
Ginny Lyons, Williston
Lee Nellis, Williston
Jim Condos, South Burlington
Chuck Hafter, South Burlington
Bruce Hoar, South Burlington
Bruce Nyquist, VTrans
Kevin Marshia, VTrans
David Blackmore, VTrans District 5
Heather Kendrew, Burlington Int’l Airport
Linda Seavey, UVM
Scott Johnstone, CCMPO
Dave Roberts, CCMPO
Samantha Tilton, CCRPC

For more information on the US 2 Transportation Corridor, contact: Eleni Churchill at 802.660.4071 x11.