K Factor

Peak-hour volume percent of Daily Traffic

Key Station Plan

A document designating critical transit facilities needed to expand accessibility for individuals with disabilities and to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.


In the context of Transportation, kiosks are interactive systems set up in airports, transit terminals, or commercial activity centers to assist travelers with transportation or other logistical information.


A unit equalling 1000 pounds of force upon a surface (i.e. “kilopound”). In transportation, it is used to describe the load bearing wear upon a roadway. Often expressed as a component of an indicator of truck wear upon a road surface, it is expressed as “Equivalent Single Axle Load” (ESAL), which is comprised of 18 kip, or 18,000 lbs. per axle on a truck.

Kiss and Ride

Area where commuters are driven and dropped off to take a public transportation service.