Zoning Bylaws

Zoning Bylaws are the regulations used by municipalities to ensure that development is in alignment with their vision for the future as defined in their Comprehensive Plans.  While the CCRPC does not regulate development itself, it can assist municipalities in development of their Zoning Bylaws – including mapping, drafting content, facilitating meetings and public engagement activities.  The CCRPC is particularly interested in assisting municipalities with this work as it helps implement the following two Strategies of the ECOS Plan:

  • Smart Growth: Strive for 80% of new development in the 15% of the County planned for growth.
  • Rural Lands Protection: Increase investment in, farms, forests, other valued ecological lands, and local food, while decreasing subdivision of working lands.


Please see the UPWP page for further information on requesting this assistance, or contact Taylor Newton, CCRPC Planning Program Manager, at (802) 846-4490 x 115.