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2022 Update of Regional Active Transportation Plan
The Regional Active Transportation Plan provides the vision for a safe, connected network of walking and biking facilities across Chittenden County. It includes education, program and policy recommendations as well as infrastructure projects to make choosing to walk or bike an attractive, easy, affordable option for getting around.
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One of our transportation planning focus areas is Active Transportation, which refers primarily to walking and biking. The CCRPC is committed to planning for walking and biking in our communities. The reasons for this are several and many are quite compelling. If we are successful in providing more places/facilities/environments where people can safely get around using these modes, significant societal and individual benefits can accrue. These benefits include:

  • Provide More Transportation Choices – For those who are unable to drive
  • Enhance Economic Vitality – Think Burlington’s Church Street and other highly walkable areas
  • Contributes to Safe Neighborhoods – The more folks on the streets, the safer those neighborhoods become
  • Improves Local Air Quality – Fewer cars means less air pollution
  • Lowers carbon emissions – a small but meaningful way to combat climate change
  • Leads to Better Health – being more active lowers disease and obesity rates
  • Saves Money – Human energy is less expensive than gasoline
  • Enhances Social Equity – The young, old, and low income can all partake

In addition to these reasons, the public, through our regular surveys, has identified walking and biking projects as transportation priorities – over more roads, efficiency and safety improvements and even transit.


For more information on Active Transportation, please contact Bryan Davis, CCRPC Senior Transportation Planner, at (802) 861-0129.