Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Management can mean many things, from managing risk to incident response. At home, we can keep stairways clear, use care while cooking, have working smoke and CO detectors installed, have fire extinguishers handy, keep furnaces or woodstoves and chimneys cleaned and serviced. In our communities, emergency response services (police, fire, rescue) train for and are prepared to respond to a wide array of incidents, including storms, fires, and accidents. Here at CCRPC, we work closely with our member municipalities, Local Emergency Planning Committee, state agencies, and Emergency Management/Homeland Security to help coordinate preparedness and response, so that we’re all working together to help minimize risk, yet respond efficiently and effectively to help protect life, property, and the environment.


For more information, please contact Christine Forde, CCRPC Senior Transportation Planner, at (802) 846-4490 x *13.