Public Transportation

An integral component of our region’s transportation system is the public transit service provided by Green Mountain Transit (GMT). This system provides over 2.5 million trips each year, mostly in the greater Burlington area but also through its inter-regional connections via the Link Express. Many of its riders are dependent on the service given their age, mobility impairment or income level and without it would be unable to fully function in the area’s economy and community life.

Nearly all of the CCRPC’s regional transportation planning activities takes into consideration GMT service and therefore coordinates closely with GMT staff. As a consequence we will feature GMT staff on nearly all of our many annual studies and monthly Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings. And GMT service figures prominently as well in our Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) contained in the 2013 ECOS Plan.

GMT also undertakes its own planning activity, most notably the periodic Transit Development Plans, the recommendations of which are incorporated into the MTP.

The Chittenden County E&D Transportation Program supports community members through affordable transportation to medical appointments, access to fresh food at the grocery store, and social visits with friends and family. In our region, Green Mountain Transit (GMT) contracts with the Special Services Transportation Agency (SSTA) to provide the service.


  • Transit Financing Study » | November 29, 2021
    With the passage of the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, there is expected to be a 35% increase in transit funding above the FAST Act investment levels; additional resources at the local level to serve as matching funds will likely be needed. Rather than just continuing to lean on existing sources of revenue, this renewed need for local funding offers the opportunity to overhaul how transit is funded both in the Chittenden County metropolitan area and in the rural parts of Vermont.


For more information, please contact Marshall Distel, CCRPC Transportation Planner, at (802) 861-0122.