Energy and Climate

The CCRPC assists towns with drafting the energy element of their town plans. Addressing energy in the town plan involves an analysis of energy usage, identifying potential efficiency opportunities, which includes focusing on land use and transportation strategies, and identifying potential renewable energy resources. As a regional organization, we also regularly convene local energy committees to provide information and networking events. Additionally, we work collaboratively with Drive Electric Vermont to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and electric vehicle infrastructure.

Chittenden County’s climate is changing. Climate change threatens human health and well-being in many ways, including through more extreme weather events and wildfire, decreased air quality, and diseases transmitted by insects, food, and water. The CCRPC works with member municipalities and regional partners on a variety of projects that help us to either mitigate climate change or adapt to it. Climate mitigation includes activities that reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions. Climate adaptation means taking actions to prevent the impact of hazards caused by climate change or to take advantage of the opportunities that may arise.





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Inflation Reduction Act Elective Pay for Local Governments: Webinar and Slides




  • Climate Change and Land Use » | This guide is intended to provide municipalities with guidance on how to amend the land use regulations to limit low density sprawl, enable compact walkable neighborhoods, and protect the working and natural landscape to ensure climate change resilience.
  • Climate Pollution Reduction Grant Planning | The Vermont Climate Action Office submitted the first requirement of this grant application on March 1, 2024, which is called the ‘CPRG Priority Climate Action Plan’ (CPRG Plan). (Note that this is different than Vermont’s Initial Climate Action Plan, which is the Vermont Climate Council’s roadmap for accomplishing Vermont’s climate pollution reduction requirements.) The CPRG Plan outlines 16 specific climate action priorities for which Vermont needs significant, immediate funding.
  • Energy Revolving Loan Fund Presentation » | This presentation provides municipalities with information on how to start an Energy Revolving Loan Fund to pay for energy and efficiency projects including heat pumps and electric vehicle charging stations.
  • Energy Action Network Energy and GHG Emissions Dashboards | The Vermont Energy Dashboard tracks progress toward the adoption of key clean energy technologies that were recommended in Vermont’s 2021 Climate Action Plan, including cold-climate heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, comprehensive home weatherization, and electric vehicles. The Vermont Greenhouse Gas Emissions Dashboard visualizes Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions data, published each year by the VT Agency of Natural Resources. Explore in-depth data for the thermal, transportation, and electricity sectors, and view changes in statewide emissions levels over time.
  • Chittenden County Regional Energy Plan » | The CCRPC developed a focused Regional Energy Plan to advance the State’s Comprehensive Energy Plan’s climate and energy goals while also being consistent with municipal and regional land use plans.
  • Energy Planning & Implementation Guidebook for Vermont Communities »


For more information or to be added to the energy distribution list, please contact Ann Janda, CCRPC Senior Energy Project Manager, at (802) 846-4490 x 133.