Comprehensive Plans

The CCRPC can assist municipalities in the development of their Comprehensive Plans, and also approves the Plans and confirms the municipalities’ planning process.

The CCRPC can assist municipalities in development of their Comprehensive Plans – including mapping, data development and updates, drafting content, facilitating meetings and public engagement activities.  Please see the UPWP page for further information on requesting this assistance.

Vermont law [24 VSA 4350(a)] requires each Regional Planning Commission to review the planning process of each of its member municipalities at least twice during an eight-year period (or more frequently at the request of a municipality). This “Guidelines” document identifies the procedures and standards that the CCRPC will use for approving the plans and confirming the planning processes of its member municipalities. A municipality that elects to have its planning process confirmed by the RPC obtains these benefits:

  • Eligibility to charge impact fees and to apply for municipal planning grants;
  • Greater certainty that the municipality’s plan will be recognized as an “adopted plan” [such as in Act 250 proceedings];
  • Immunity from review by the Department of Housing and Community Affairs of the municipality’s plan for compliance with affordable housing criteria established under 24 VSA 4351; and
  • State agency plans adopted under 3 VSA Chapter 67 must be compatible with the municipality’s approved plan.



For more information, please contact Taylor Newton, CCRPC Planning Program Manager, at (802) 846-4490 x 115.