Chittenden County I-89 2050 Study

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Chittenden County is home to a little over 37 miles of Interstate 89 which is the only primary interstate highway within Chittenden County. An additional 1.5-mile spur of auxiliary Interstate 189 is accessed via Exit 13. Seven interchanges are within Chittenden County spanning the numbered designations of 11 through 17. Congestion and safety issues on Interstate 89 have long been a topic of conversation and were last systematically examined in the 1997 Chittenden County I-89 Corridor Study.

Proposed new interchanges and multi-modal mobility issues at existing ones have been examined over the years and study reports can be found on the CCRPC Studies and Reports Database. Off ramps at Exits 11, 12, 14 and 15 have been expanded via additional lanes. In addition, plans for major improvements at Exits 16 and 17 are currently at various stages of development by VTrans. During the 2018 update to the CCRPC’s ECOS/Metropolitan Transportation Plan, it was determined it is time for a fresh look at the Interstate 89 corridor within Chittenden County.

DRAFT Vision Statement

The 2050 Vision for the I-89 Corridor through Chittenden County is an interstate system (mainline and interchanges) that is safe and resilient and provides for reliable and efficient movement of people and goods in alignment with state, regional, and municipal plans.


  • Safety: Enhance safety along the I-89 Study Corridor and Adjacent Interchanges for all users.
  • Mobility & Efficiency: Improve the efficiency and reliability of the I-89 Corridor and Adjacent Interchanges for all users.
  • Environmental Stewardship & Resilience: Establish a resilient I-89 Corridor that minimizes environmental impacts associated with the transportation system.
  • Economic Access & Vitality: Improve economic access and vitality in Chittenden County.
  • Livable, Sustainable and Healthy Communities: Promote livable, affordable, vibrant, and healthy communities.
  • System Preservation: Preserve and improve the condition and performance of the I-89 Corridor.


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For more information, please contact Eleni Churchill, CCRPC Transportation Program Manager, at (802) 861-0127.