Complaint Procedures and Form

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complaint procedures + form

Copy/paste the complaint form content below into an email and submit it to Emma Vaughn at; or mail the form to Emma Vaughn, CCRPC, 110 West Canal Street, Suite 202, Winooski VT 05404.

Vermont’s Open Meeting Law requires the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC), as a political subdivision of the State of Vermont, to post a complaint form on its website by which people can notify CCRPC of concerns or complaints regarding CCRPC’s compliance with Vermont open meeting law requirements and the remedy they request CCRPC undertake. CCRPC intends that this form, and the accompanying information on its website ( will satisfy those requirements by providing the public with a place and process to express their complaints. CCRPC will endeavor to respond to all complaints publicly within 10 days of receipt.

To submit a complaint, fill out the form below and submit it via email or mail to:

Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
ATTN: Emma Vaughn, Communications Manager | | (802) 846-4490 x121
110 West Canal Street, Suite 202
Winooski, VT 05404


Prior to bringing a civil action in the Civil Division of the Superior Court in the county in which the alleged violation has taken place for appropriate injunctive relief or for a declaratory judgment, Vermont law requires any person aggrieved by an alleged violation of the Open Meeting Law to provide the public body with a written notice that alleges a specific violation and requests a specific cure of such violation.

Date and Time Occurred:

Name of Public Body:

Specific Violation Alleged:

Specific Cure Requested:

Please provide any additional facts that may assist the CCRPC in its investigation below:

If you need more space, please attach sheets to this form. Submit this document, and any supporting documentation, to the address at the top of this form.



Mailing Address:

E-mail Address:


Visit for more information about Vermont’s Open Meeting Law, a complaint form in different formats, resources, and the full text of 1 V.S.A. § 314.


For more information, contact Emma Vaughn, CCRPC Communications Manager, at (802) 846-4490 x 121.