The CCRPC regularly conducts Corridor and Area-wide Studies of significant regional and local corridors as well as areas planned for growth in Chittenden County. Corridor and Area-wide transportation planning is a comprehensive, proactive, collaborative  approach that provide communities the opportunity to plan for their future and develop implementable strategies that address the community’s transportation needs and realize its vision.

The 2005 Vermont Corridor Management Handbook identifies numerous benefits of the corridor and area-wide management approach. These include: identify and address transportation deficiencies before they turn into critical problems that can affect quality of life and limit economic development; allow for development of coordinated transportation and land use solutions along a corridor; bring diverse stakeholders together (local, regional, and state agencies, property owners, and others) and agree on mutually beneficial strategies and mechanisms for cooperatively pursuing these strategies; development of low cost, non-capital intensive strategies (such as operational and minor capacity improvements, access management, or land use policies) as an alternative to expensive capital investments; develop creative strategies for supporting sustainable economic development in the communities; and ensure that transportation strategies enhance Vermont’s natural environment and the unique character of its communities.

The CCRPC also conducts Circulation Studies which address critical congestion and safety needs for all modes of transportation along corridor segments or at discrete facilities.



For more information, please contact Eleni Churchill, CCRPC Transportation Program Manager, at (802) 846-4490 x *11.